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Ausserdem wird der Haarwuchs so nachhaltig verlangsamt, sagen viele Fans.

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University of Southern California with a student body of over 35,000 students is a global university, and America's leader in international education. It has the largest number of international students of any U.S. University and has one of the most powerful and influential worldwide alumni network. With such a huge majority of students from cricket playing nations, the growth of Trojan Cricket was eminent from the very day it came into existence in 1992. The USC Trojan Cricket Club is amongst the top 5 most popular club sports in the School. Every year the Club recruits around 200 new members which form a formidable support system for the club. The USC Cricket Club reaches out to more than 1500 new international students from India, Pakistan, Australia, New Zealand, Bangladesh and other commonwealth countries and even includes Americans who are curious to learn about the fascinating game of Cricket.



USC offers great potential, with an untapped market, substantial international student population and more so, an extremely talented and motivated core group which wants to help develop the sport as much as they enjoy playing. If your organization is willing to collaborate with our club and establish a commensal relationship where your organization helps reduce the financial burden on the student athletes and offer them rewards and incentives to play the game and in return our young and talented athletes represent your successful organization and work as advocates on your behalf to help promote the game and your brand.



The University of Southern California is a pioneer organization which develops leaders and professional athletes, and as our motto "Fight On" suggests, we are always striving for perfection and pushing the boundaries towards success.



We have various Sponsorship Plans which we offer to potential organizations, depending on the level of involvement they are interested in. The club is dedicated towards promoting local businesses in return and helping them develop a strong presence both on-campus and at the various tournaments that the USC Team participates.




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For more details about sponsorship, please download our Brochure - (pdf).




USC Cricket in the Local/National News:!/article/26116/USC-Will-Broadcast-Cricket-World-Cup



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Ausserdem wird der Haarwuchs so nachhaltig verlangsamt, sagen viele Fans.