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Viterbi Volts vs Marshall Sixers match report

Sep 15, 2018 03:43 PM | Marshall Sixers won by 2 runs | Scorecard

Marshall Sixers Vs Viterbi Volts

Who said low-scoring matches couldn't end up having you bite your nails out? That's exactly what happened as Marshall Sixers took on Viterbi Volts on 7th September. Viterbi Volts, having lost their first match, wanted to make amends as they stepped into the field. Their skipper, Rishabh Tyagi, won the toss and sent in the Marshall Sixers to bat. Marshall Sixers, playing their first match, started proceedings with Hamza Malik and Avwab Khan.

Anyone who has played against this opening pair knows that they don't take long to start proceedings. They scored 12 off Faisal Malick's first over with Avwab sending him for a humongous six on the last ball. In came Akshay Yogendra in the second over to change the tide of the match. He got Hamza out on the fourth ball with Vedant Jain taking a great catch behind the stumps. The Sixers skipper, Fawad, walked in at an unusual one down position. Rishab used his bowlers well to bowl a few tight bowlers to try and restrict the batsmen. Both the batsmen took their time with Avwab scoring a boundary off every over in an attempt to keep the score ticking. It all changed very quickly in the 6th over when Fawad dispatched Rohan for 20 runs with two sixes and a four to end up with 56/1 after 6 overs. That's when Akhshay, bowling a very tight line, struck in the 8th over to sending Avwab back with an absolute peach of a delivery, scoring 26 off 27. That's where the collapse started for the Sixers. Tahir Munir got run out in the 9th over due to a mix up with Fawad. The skipper kept playing from the other end and sent Niranjan for two consecutive boundaries towards long on. The Sixers decided to take the girl over and that's when things started turning pretty ugly for the Volts. Jagruthi and Anvi walked in looking very confident. Jagruthi playing her second season, send Aarushi for a huge six on the first ball and a well-timed four on the second ball to end the girl over with 12 overs with Anvi chipping in very well from the other end. After that, the Sixers were well-poised to score 150+ with 89 off 9 overs with Fawad and Muthu at the crease. Things didn't go as planned. Muthu lost his wicket to an absolute beauty from Yatin and Fawad got caught on long on with a top edge attempting to clear the fielder, ending with 35 off 22. Rushabh chipped in with a useful 8 off 9 balls. The rest of the batsmen were not able to take the score to 150 but put up a good fight to take it to 119.

With 119 on the board, the Sixers had to bowl very well to win the game. And boy did they bowl well! Faisal Malick came out to bat and made no secret of his intentions by sending Rizvi for a six and Fawad for a four in the first two overs. Fawad struck in the second over to get rid of Faisal and his cameo came to an end. The Sixers started to tighten the screws by bowling a strict line & length. At the end of 4 overs, it was 24/1 courtesy tight overs from Rizvi and Tahir. The Sixers needed wickets to win because 119 was always a low target. Fawad came to bowl the 5th over and sent Himanshu's off-stump flying. The Sixers kept bowling well with Tahir and Rushabh giving the Volts nothing to free their arms. Rushabh, playing his first CPL match, kept a cool head and maintained a good line & length. At the end of 7 overs, it was 42-2 with Sixers on top. That's when Akshay Yogenda decided to cut loose and dispatched Tahir for 3 consecutive sixes. Tahir, however, came back very strongly and got Akhsay with a great catch from the new wicket-keeper, Vikas. The damage, however, was done because the Volts had reaped 26 off of Tahir's over. Just when the Volts thought things were going as planned, Muthu came to crash their party! Muthu sent Rishabh's stumps flying on his 2nd bowl to bring Sixers back into the game. After Muthu, Rushabh and Fawad bowled two very goods over to stop the run-flow, complementing the fall of wickets. The match was set for a nail-biting finish. 4 overs and 33 needed. When others falter in such situations, Muthu thrives. He bowled the best over of the match by taking out Vedant and Akshay and only conceding 3 runs. Hamza took a stunner of a catch to help remove Vedant. Right, so 30 off 3 overs. But that's when the match changed all over again. Girl over time. Aarushi and Harini batted very well to get their team back into the match by scoring 12 runs off of their allotted overs. The game's time changed again. 18 runs needed off 18 balls. Pretty easy in the CPL right? No, not so easy against the Sixers bowling line up. Rushabh came and proved his mettle. He bowled a very tight over, getting rid of Akshay with yet another stunner of a catch from Vikas and only conceding 4 runs. Right, so 14 off 12. Still doable right? Yatin was watching helplessly from the other end. He wanted more strike to take his team home but not to be. The Sixers made sure not they kept him off-strike. And the VC Muthu starts running in! What an over, only conceding 5 runs with two run outs in an attempt to get Yatin on strike. The Sixers were keeping their cool and the Volts were not. And that's what the difference in the end. So, 9 runs off 6 balls. And when that's the situation at hand, you goto only one person. That's right, ASM Rizvi! Rizvi Vs Yatin. Dot, dot and four! Only 5 off 3. And they take a single. 4 off 2. Another single. 3 off 1. Yatin on strike. Just one strike away. But nooooooo! He cramped him for room and that's it for the Volts. The Sixers won and the match was over. What a match it was. A great start to their CPL campaign and some truly great team-spirit from the team with relatively less experienced players.

Marshall Sixers: 118/10 (17 overs)
Fawad Ahmad: 35 (22)
Avwab Khan: 26 (27)

Akshay Yogendra: 3-18-2
Yatin Wadin: 3-20-2

Viterbi Volts: 116/9 (17 overs)
Akshay Yogendra: 28 (11)
Faisal Malick: 11(9)

Muthu Rajendran: 3-16-3
Fawad Ahmad: 3-11-2

Man of the match: Fawad Ahmad

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Ausserdem wird der Haarwuchs so nachhaltig verlangsamt, sagen viele Fans.