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Cardinal Knights vs Annenberg Avengers match report

Nov 21, 2017 05:14 PM | Annenberg Avengers won by 4 wickets | Scorecard

An important match for both the teams to finish on the top two of the table..!!

Cardinal Knights captain Vaibhav won the toss and chose to bat first.

CK’s usual opening pair Denver and Sushil came out to bat and Avengers started the bowling attack with Pranav and Ashish Relan. Pranav and Ashish stuck to the basics and were right on target from ball one. The first wicket for avengers came in form of runout. It was a lucky breakthrough as Denver 2(5) run himself out with a brilliant fielding from Nitish. This very soon was followed by an outstanding single handed catch from Bharath to dismiss Sri Vijay 2(3). Gaurav Mathur who came in next, tried to stabilise the innings along with Sushil, but avengers were in top of their bowling who were not even giving away easy singles to the knights. With a lot of pressure building on them due to the dipping run rate of barely 4-5, knights started to go after the bowling attack, but sushil 36(47) never looked in touch to even put away the balls in his strong zone. Avengers were totally in control and very soon mathur 11 (24) nicked a delivery off Faisal Mallick's bowling. A few contributions from Vaibhav 10(8) and Akash 8(9) and also drop catches from avengers helped cardinal post a target of 102 in 18 overs. 

The calculators were out and the math scenario looked like this. If avengers chase the target of 102 in 13 overs, they shall surpass the knights and would end up in top two.

Avengers changed their opening pair and Abhay and Bharat went to open against Denver and Mayur. Though Bharat 7(5) started off well with a straight six in the first over, he was dismissed by Mayur at the end of second over as Vaibhav took an outstanding catch at long off. Batting problems for Avengers continued and Charan was sent back on the first ball he faced as he edged it to the keeper off Abhishek bowling. With wickets tending to fall for avengers in form of run outs and also some bad selection of shots, the chase looked very far until the inform batsmen Ashish Relan got on strike. He as usual played a very sensible and aggressive innings and scored quickly 34 runs off 22 balls. With around 50 runs required from 5 overs, Cardinal bought back Mathur into attack and this spell can be called as one of the best as Mathur ended up picking 2 wickets and gave only 1 and 2 runs in the respective overs. Though Vaibhav leaked quite a few runs, he ended up picking Ashish wicket when the chasing scene was like 30 off 2 overs. The chance to finish on top for avengers perished after this big wicket. Still, Avengers had a chance to win the match as it wasn't a 13 over but 18 overs match. But, a supporting knock from Shrey 6(12) and a composed innings from Ishan 15(15) helped avengers chase the target in 13.5 overs. Unfortunately, avengers were just short by 5 balls to have ended in top two. But there were a lot of good things to take as even they ended up in third position, they have won against the top two teams in the league stage. 

Man of the Match: Faisal Mallick was awarded the man of the match for his bowling figures of 4-0-22-4


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Ausserdem wird der Haarwuchs so nachhaltig verlangsamt, sagen viele Fans.