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Trojan Tigers vs Cromwell Champs match report

Oct 18, 2017 02:18 AM | Trojan Tigers won by 90 runs | Scorecard

Trojan tigers walked on the field this Sunday with high intensity to face Cromwell champs. They knew that a loss here gives them a way out of the tournament.


With this in mind and the willingness to show some positive cricket, Trojan tigers captain Swapneel won the toss and elected to bat. It all started as it was planned. With the toss going their way, tigers showed some roar in their batting as they had a flying start with Muthu and Shashi. They put up a strong opening showcase with 34 runs on the board with just 4 overs until Shashi’s classy innings of 15(11) came to stand still with Rana Aijaz providing the first breakthrough. No-one expected a flurry of sixes to follow as Muthu with sheer power and immaculate strikes, smashed balls over the bowlers on every ball bowled full. It was a delight to watch him clear the fence. Joined by Adnan, who looked steady and rock solid clearing the boundaries straight and on the off, it was no less than a spectacle for the team to watch their players playing up to the potential. As Muthu and Adnan kept scoring runs, confidence in the Tigers dug out grew. With 75 runs in just 7 overs Muthu’s promising innings was halted at 47(28). With the interim target of 180 in mind Ravi walked in, but was out soon by good bowling from Fawad. Fawad kept bowling good from one end but never received support from others bowlers, as the new batsmen Ankit Sultania looking to find some form smashed the balls all over the park every over. Adnan and Ankit had a very good partnership of 46 runs in just 25 balls. Looking to clear the off side boundary off a loose ball from Avwab, adnan edged it to the keeper to end his innings in a disappointing fashion. But, Ankit who looked in great form continued his striking ability throughout the innings until the very end by smashing 89* of just 31 balls. Aditya Shah gave good support to Ankit on the other end by sticking on to the crease. Tigers posted the seasons highest total of 224 for the champs to chase.


With a daunting total of 224 on the board, the champ’s batsmen Avwab and Hamza walked into the crease with the hope of repeating the performance from their previous game where they chased 200. Sneh kishan provided the first breakthrough of the very first ball of the innings by getting rid of Avwab. Hashir malik was the next man in. Hamza mallik was looking good with the bat and played sensibly by leveraging the loose balls. Hashir on the other end looking to support the innings did not last for long as he was bowled by Sneh and soon after Hamza followed by getting out off a short ball from Faizan. The stage was set for Rana Aijaz, to play the captain’s knock. He looked promising by hitting couple of sixes as soon as he walked in but felt prey to Ankit Sultania while trying to clear the on side boundary off a slow delivery bowled a little off side off stump. The required run rate kept soaring as the wickets kept falling at regular intervals. Realizing to hit off every ball to meet the required rr, Pratik got out duck off a great ball from Ravi caught by Adi while looking to go for a big one. Fawad was firing with all guns blazing by hitting some great sixes off every bowler he faced. Looking to get close to the target, Fawad was an absolute threat to Tigers as he continued his good shots even when the wickets where tumbling on the other end. Soon he was out by an excellent catch from Sneh off Swapneel‘s bowling. His excellent innings of quick 37 came to an end. Parth scored 17(13) to get the champs to a total of 133. Good bowling from Sneh Kishan and Swapneel made sure the champs were all out as early as possible to help the net runrate. 


Innings 1: Ankit Sultania 89*(31), Muthu 47(28)

                  Fawad Ahmed 4-0-48-2

Innings 2: Fawad Ahmed 37(16), Parth 17(13)

                   Sneh Kishan 4-0-42-4


With a huge win of 90 runs, Trojans tigers are looking forward to set their mark in the tournament and win the next few games at their hand to qualify.

Ankit Sultania was declared man of the match for his blistering innings of 89 and 1 wicket.

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Ausserdem wird der Haarwuchs so nachhaltig verlangsamt, sagen viele Fans.