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Ausserdem wird der Haarwuchs so nachhaltig verlangsamt, sagen viele Fans.

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Leavy Lions vs Marshall Sixers match report

Feb 07, 2017 12:16 PM | Leavy Lions won by 5 wickets | Scorecard

A low scoring thriller is often rarely witnessed in the CPL and when it does occur, it promises to be one spectacle that is cherished among players and fans. The encounter between the Leavey Lions and the Marshall Sixers was one such battle. The Lions playing their first game this season started off with a bang triumphing over the Sixers by five wickets.

The Lions captain, Vidyadhara Rao K, won an important toss and elected to field in slight overcast conditions. With a win in the pocket of the Sixers, confidence was flying within the team as the openers didn't resist themselves and got going from the very first ball thumping it out of the park. Charan Kilari (19) and Hashir Malik (8) got the momentum in the favor of the Sixers in the first three overs, until K Pranav Shashidhar struck first blood and got the wicket of Hashir Malik. At a score of about 35 runs in four overs with the loss of just one wicket, it was all but a declining slope for the Sixers vehicle, as the Lions struck with every weapon they pulled out of the bag. Roshan Ravichandran proved to be the most lethal weapon as he pulled the trigger and struck with four critical wickets to restrict the Sixers to a below par score. He was well aided with single overs of Sibi Naayagam and Harsh Shah who chipped in with one wicket each. Virdepak Ananthasubramanian (15) was the only Sixers batsman who entered double figures, but destructive bowling, exceptional wicket-keeping from Sahil Shakir and witty captaincy proved to get the better of the Sixers batsmen as they ended with substandard score of 81.

Marshall Sixers: 81/10 in 11 overs
Pick of the Bowlers for Leavey Lions: Roshan Ravichandran 3-0-13-4

As the second innings commenced, the game looked all but done for the Sixers in the very first over itself as an astounding 17 runs came from extras and the Lions opener Vidyadhara Rao K (13). It was an uphill task for the Sixers but following overs from Charan Kilari and Ashish Relan got the game back on track by rattling the stumps of the Lions batsmen. It was turning out to be an epic encounter as the Sixers bowlers started bowling economical and got the Lions batsmen to defend for their lives. It was Sneh Kishan who grabbed the prized wicket of the Lions captain and it then seemed like the match was coming to life. With a run rate of about 4, the Sixers bowlers tried all they could to break down the batting lineup, but resilient batting from rookie Fawad Ahmad and Roshan Ravichandran ensured that this match was to be decided in the final overs. Overs were being bowled, batsmen were playing for their lives, and runs were coming off the form of extras and singles, as match went into the last few overs. A rare couple of boundaries was then seen off the bat of Fawad Ahmad as the game tilted towards the side of the Lions. With 4 runs needed off 3 overs, the match was all but done as the Leavey Lions secured a nail biting win to see off the Marshall Sixers.

Leavey Lions: 82/5 in 13.2 overs
Pick of the bowlers for Marshall Sixers: Sneh Kishan 3-0-13-1

Man of the Match: Roshan Ravichandran was rightly awarded with this honor for his match winning and career best figures of 4-13

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Ausserdem wird der Haarwuchs so nachhaltig verlangsamt, sagen viele Fans.