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Mumbai Indians vs Kings XI Punjab match report

Feb 23, 2014 06:32 AM | Mumbai Indians won by 10 runs | Scorecard

Another thrilling encounter between KXIP vs MI was witnessed last Friday with over 350 runs scored in the match. KXIP won the toss and chose to field again trying to bring their momentum from the previous match. MI had a slow start and lost Sachin in the second over of the match. Soon after that, the match changed its course with Prathyaya and Vaibhav demolishing the KXIP attack. The duo took the scoreboard to 94 in just 8 overs. The partnership was finally broken up by Faisal who got Prathyaya out for 36. This did not slow the run rate and this time Vaibhav formed a partnership with Ankit and blasted through the powerplay overs taking the team total to 142 in just 11 overs. Finally two good consecutive overs by Shubham and Jaskaran resulted in 3 wickets(Ankit, Vaibhav and Kunal) in a span of just 9 runs. The relief was shortlived and was followed by smashing sixes in the last two overs by Rana and Pankaj scoring 34 runs in the end. MI finished up with a winning score of 185.

Brilliant bowling by Ashish and Havinash at the start restricted KXIP to 10 in the first couple of overs and loss of Gaganjot's wicket. But, Bhumik and Jaskaran had different plans and like last time they teared through the MI attack and KXIP scored 47 runs in the first fours overs. With a huge target at hand the required run rate never dipped below 13 rpo in the first 8 overs and both Bhumik and Jaskaran lost their wickets trying to meet the demanding run rate. When the match was almost out of KXIP's grasp, came Saptesh and Kaushal with a flurry of sixes keeping the hopes alive. The relentless efforts by the both the batsman were not fruitful and the match kept slipping out of KXIP's hands with 34 runs runs needed in the last over. Dinesh ended the match on a good note for KXIP by hitting 4 sixes in the last over and shrinking the winning difference to just 9 runs.

There were a lot of good performances in the match and almost everyone contributed. The man of the match was given to Vaibhav for his quick 70 runs in just 37 balls which helped MI reach a massive total of 185 making it tough for KXIP from the first ball.      

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Ausserdem wird der Haarwuchs so nachhaltig verlangsamt, sagen viele Fans.