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cromwell premier league (CPL)

The USC Cricket Club offers recreational cricket to the avid cricket fan. The Cromwell Premier League (CPL) features fast paced, exciting tape ball entertainment with up to 90 players and 6 different teams, which are named after various popular IPL teams.


Started in 2005, the Cromwell Premier League offers a high octane tournament played with a taped tennis ball under the floodlights of Cromwell Track and Field in the heart of USC's Campus. The CPL is hosted twice/year, starting in Spring Semester (January-May) and then in Fall Semester (August-December).



The League is played during Spring/Fall Semester at the floodlight Cromwell Track & Field, every Friday evening from 6pm - 11pm. All games are 15 overs each and the schedule features a round-robin league with the top teams clashing for the CPL Trophy at the end of the season.



The CPL structure is explained below:



When is it played?


  • Spring Semester (Jan - May)
  • Fall Semester (Aug - Dec)



Who can play?
Preference is given to USC Current Students/Alumni. Non-USC guest members only with invitation.



When can I register?
Registrations are opened 2-3 weeks before the tournament starts. ONLY 90 open slots are available for players and registrations are in 1st come, 1st served basis. As soon as the 90 member limit is reached, the registrations close.



How do I register?
Registration is a TWO step process - Paying the Membership dues and filling out a Registration Form.



What happens after I register?
The registrations are closed once 90 members register. Six Captains are appointed every year by the Management to lead the teams (to be a captain, you have be registered for at least 1 semester with the club prior to application). Opening day trials are held and all registered players are invited to practice and the 6 captains scout the players to assess the skill levels of the players.

An Auction process takes place after the trials and the 6 captains try their best to outbid and strategize to come up with the best possible team. 6 teams are formed with a maximum of 15 players on each team.



What is the format of the tournament?
The games are held every Friday from 6:00pm till 11:00pm in a 15 over format under lights at the Cromwell Track and Field Stadium, which is exclusively reserved for the Cricket Club.



What are the Rules & Regulations?
General rules of Cricket are followed, including batting/bowling Power-plays and Super-subs.


For more information about Registration and Membership Dues, please see - (membership)







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Ausserdem wird der Haarwuchs so nachhaltig verlangsamt, sagen viele Fans.